Zooey Deschanel tells the actual story behind one in every of Elf’s well-known scenes

As Buddy the Elf once said, “The best way to get the Christmas spirit going is to sing out loud so everyone can hear.”

And that’s exactly what it is Zooey Deschanel and Will Ferrell did in the beloved 2003 film Elf. As fans of the vacation movie may remember, the duo shared an iconic scene of singing in a toilet. Now that the holidays are approaching, Deschanel looks back on the scene in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

In the scene you can see Deschanel’s character Jovie, who works in the Gimbels department store, showering on the toilet after the water was turned off in her apartment. She starts singing “Baby, it’s cold outside,” a Christmas tune that has caused controversy in recent years. He enters after Ferrell’s character Buddy the Elf, who usually works in Santa’s workshop but also found a job at Gimbels after traveling from the North Pole to New York City to meet his biological father, hears her unexpected voice Bathroom to join her unexpectedly singing along, which resulted in Deschanel’s character kicking him out.

“It’s funny because obviously everyone knows it’s not appropriate to go to the girls’ bathroom while showering, but he’s as believable as that unsuspecting elf,” said the 40-year-old actress during her interview with EW that im November was released. 18. “It’s strange that he’s in there, but you totally buy that his intentions are pure and innocent.”

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