Within the personal world of Gray’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo

Really, but they already got the best lesson in numbers from mom. Because after years of trying to work with Costar Patrick Dempsey In order to negotiate a top deal together (“He was never interested,” she told THR), she saw her window of opportunity when he left the drama in 2015. “You could always use him as a lever against me – ‘We don’t need you; we have Patrick’ – which you have been doing for years,” she explained.

In addition, in the absence of McDreamy, ABC was encouraged to stick with Gray in Grey’s. And when Pompeo’s team presented her with a list of statistics showing how the show, which still has around 12 million viewers, grossed nearly $ 3 billion in parent company Disney: This. ‘”

When asked about their terms, Pompeo said to Rhimes, “It has to be a lot of money. And it has to help me produce because producing is something I really enjoy. This is my creativity now.” The result: she earned $ 575,000 per episode, a signing bonus and backend deals of around $ 7 million, plus office space and pilot engagements for her production company Calamity Jane.

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