Why Alita: Battle Angels re-release was each a win and a loss

The Key Alita: Battle Angel to discuss re-release numbers

Before we get too into analysis, let’s take a look at what we’ve worked with over the past weekend. At the time of this writing, the box office for Alita: Battle Angels Return to the Screens had an estimated gross opening weekend of $ 128,000. This came from the 1,060 screens the film ran on, with ticket prices running at different but discounted prices. Using AMC Theaters as an example, tickets for Alita: Battle Angel were $ 5 for a conventional showing and $ 8 for an IMAX showing before local taxes. In the end, Alita: Battle Angel sat just outside the top 10 in 11th place, although she was 9th on Friday and 10th on Saturday and Sunday. Since I firmly believe that we must pronounce the bad news before the good, let’s start with why the re-release campaign was a loss.

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