Where do things stand between MDLNY rivals Ryan Serhant and Fredrik Eklund ahead of season nine?

But according to Fredrik, their dispute will not be fully resolved by April 2021. “We’re supposed to be friends and yet we’re back here fighting,” said Fredrik. We are just who we are and we are very competitive. “

But it is this competition that creates a deep mutual love and respect for one another – despite all the current feuds. “I told him that I annoy him as much as he annoys me sometimes,” admitted Fredrik. “As much as we measure ourselves, we make each other more successful because we compete against each other. We’re almost like two planets orbiting each other. Look at us 10 years later: We have become these two mega-teams, mega-brokers, selling iconic properties at some of the biggest prices. We did it completely separately, but kind of made it together. “

Fredrik called their friendship “very complex and layered” before thanking MDLNY for being a form of “elevated therapy” for both of them.

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