What did Chris Pratt do to set off Twitter customers to name him “the worst Chris”?

Chris Pratt hit the headlines earlier this week after Twitter users dubbed him “Hollywood’s Worst Chris.” People Magazine has suggested that it probably had something to do with a joke he made online recently.

In case you missed it, Amy Berg asked her Twitter followers which Chris in Hollywood was the worst on the following list: Pratt, Pines, Hemsworth, and Evans, and most people argued that Pratt had to leave. The 41-year-old actor suddenly started a trend.

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However, many of the Jurassic World star’s friends and co-workers in the entertainment business came to punch for him, including the likes of Zoe Saldana and Robert Downey Junior. Katherine Schwarzenegger, his wife, also defended him.

Pratt reportedly came under fire for making fun of celebrities and performers, and asking people to vote in the upcoming election this year. The father of two wrote in the headline of his Instagram post: “Just ask a celebrity” after talking about the importance of choice.

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He added, “They will tell you.” Pratt then joked about the People’s Choice Awards, saying that the most important thing for sure is voting on this year. Pratt joked that if they don’t vote in the People’s Choice Awards, people will die.

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Not long after, his wife, Katherine, stood up for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the vice presidents and presidential candidates of the Democratic Party. The star went on to expect to hear backlash from people who supported Trump.

Mark Ruffalo, on the other hand, another co-star of his Avengers, claimed that Pratt was “usually” not political. He wrote that it was a “distraction” and that it was crucial for everyone to keep an eye on the price.

As mentioned above, Robert Downey Junior was just a celebrity he hit for Chris Pratt. He accused Twitter users of being so sad and unhappy in their existence that they felt the need to attack someone online.


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