Well-known Dex listed as a suspect in a home violence crime

Police are currently investigating rapper Famous Dex over a domestic violence incident that resulted in the SWAT team being called to his home.

According to TMZ, the police were called on Monday morning about a possible domestic disturbance in his home. It is said that the caller claimed an argument between Dex and his ex-girlfriend had become violent – and that there was at least one gun in the house.

When the police arrived, the alleged victim had made cuts on her, according to the report. They assumed Dex was still home and that he was armed thanks to a video on social media showing him holding a gun – and they called the SWAT team.

When they arrived and searched the property, Dex was nowhere to be found. The police are currently investigating the incident.

Dex has not publicly addressed the incident.

You can see the video of Dex with a TEC-9 semi-automatic weapon loaded in the clip below.

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