Watch KJ Apa and Sofia Carson within the Dystopian Songbird Trailer COVID-23

What happens if the coronavirus continues to spread?

That’s what actor KJ Apa and Sofia Carson try to find out in the terrible thriller Songbird. The trailer, which was posted on Twitter on October 29, takes place 213 weeks after a quarantine lockdown in 2022. The COVID-19 has mutated to COVID-23 and leaving your home could result in them either contracting the virus or being shot by armed forces.

According to Variety, Riverdale star Apa plays a character “who has rare immunity and can therefore work as a delivery man. Carson portrays his girlfriend who is looking for protection at home.” To be closer to his girlfriend, the essential worker must dodge “martial law, murderous guards and a powerful family” led by Demi Moore.

In the trailer, Carson – from Disney’s descendants – can be seen walking through her house alone on her cell phone, chatting with her boyfriend (super relatable) via video and watching employees in the hygiene department who are suitable for hazardous substances who break the doors of their neighbors if they suspect the virus (not so identifiable).

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