Watch Julianna Margulies explain how George Clooney saved her career with a phone call

Julianna MarguliesThe career-defining role came with her role in NBC’s popular medical drama ER, and it turns out she is a co-star George Clooney for making this experience possible.

The 54-year-old actress attended Jimmy Kimmel Live to host on Thursday, May 6th Jimmy Kimmel asked if she had sent anything to George that day since it was his 60th birthday.

“I wrote to him yesterday because I wanted to write to him on the last day of his 50s,” she revealed. “I thought it would be fun to say – well, I call him ‘Doug’, he calls me ‘Carol’. We always have.”

She continued, “And I said, ‘On that last day you were 50, I just want you to know that when you are 90 and look back and see how young 60 you were, you will curse the day, that you’ve wasted Think you’re getting older or you’re too old. So what’s your address, I want to send you my book. ‘”

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