Vindata release expected debut album ‘… With Opened Eyes’ on Monstercat

It was long ago Vindatas 2015 debut on OWSLA, but it feels even longer. LA-based electronic R&B duo Branden Ratcliff and Jared Poythress began producing hip-hop and R&B tracks before falling in love with electronic music after listening to Justice’s debut album. In the early 2010s they refined their sound, moved away from hard, humming dance tracks and moved towards a more contemplative downtempo sound with rich, sensual melodies and a detailed production and finally found their way to Skrillex’s imprint.

Now, after all this time, they have finally released their debut album on Monster cat, … With my eyes open. The 12-track package includes flavor makers like Grammy-winning songwriter Kaydence, singers MACKandgold and Maurice Moore, rapper Leon St. Heron, and more. It was also in the works for years as the duo refined the vibe it wanted to showcase with one of the most important works an artist has to offer.

… With Opened Eyes is a nice amalgamation of all their styles, R&B, Hip Hop, Soul and Electronic, all in one. The opener “Union” immediately presents a lush soundscape of bass, vocals and enchanting synthesizer work, which carries over into the rest of the work on the album.

Vindata says, “Creating this entire album has been a long process. It really challenged us in new ways. But it was rewarding at the same time because it embodied who we really are as artists and as individuals. We are incredibly grateful for all of the blessings AND needs that have helped us get here. And we are honored to be able to share these experiences with the world. “

The album was released along with the premiere of “Skin” with Leon St Heron and Leeuw.

“‘Skin’ is a record that we think captured the real essence of the album, which is why we decided to release it alongside the entire project,” said the duo. “The song was created organically with the help of Leon St. Heron and Leeuw. We have been friends with Leon for years and were finally able to work together on a route that suits both of us. We have worked with Leeuw before and we knew she would bring that deep, sultry feeling to the record. We are very grateful for the way it went. “

Check out the full album below!

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