Tulum’s unofficial Burning Man occasion grew to become the COVID tremendous spreader

Event organizers around the world have been discouraged from hosting shows without proper precautions as they could become COVID super spreaders. The organizers of Art With Me, a four-day festival in Tulum, Mexico, did it anyway and have become a super-spreader, just as health experts have warned.

The event took place November 11-15 in Tulum, a popular vacation spot even (and maybe especially) during COVID so influencers and high net worth individuals can escape U.S. restrictions. Unfortunately, the event, which describes itself as “a community-run festival combining art, music, workshops, wellness and cultural experiences”, has forgotten the wellness part.

According to various sources, more than dozen of people have signed COVID after the festival.

Be Svendsen, a Danish DJ who played a cenote set during Art With Me, claims he contracted COVID after the festival, he told Daily Beast, “and that he” heard from at least 17 other people “who came after their visit also had COVID festival parties. “

Art With Me worked with 21 local hotels for four days, endangering even those who weren’t there for events with their ruthlessness.

Svendsen says the blame shouldn’t be placed on just this one event if Tulum generally fails to strictly follow health guidelines.

“I don’t think it makes sense to refer to a single small gathering while a whole city full of people without masks has been celebrating and is still celebrating and obviously not worrying in the least or being careful,” says Svendsen, who travels everyone DJing worldwide, said Daily Beast. “Art with me and Tulum in general should be the story.”

As long as US events like Art With Me and ReUnite continue to flaunt health policies and put others at risk, the eventual return of EDM events and the trust of local officials will become increasingly dubious.

via Daily Beast

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