Trainer with no arms or legs arrested for molesting boys in school !!

MTO News learned that a previously acclaimed teacher in Greenup County, Kentucky, who was born without arms or legs, has been charged with child sex crimes.

Kentucky State Police Officer Shane Goodall confirmed to the media today that 29-year-old Mariah Scott has been charged with sex and two cases of unlawful transaction with a minor for illegal use of an electronic communication system to procure a minor.

Mariah was born with Tretra Amelia Syndrome, a disease that meant she was born with no arms or legs. She was celebrated in the local and regional press in 2018 after becoming the first Kentuckian to receive a robotic arm.

Kentucky State Police began their investigation into Mariah after they received a complaint that she had an inappropriate relationship with a male student she had in class last year.

During the investigation, state police investigators discovered inappropriate text messages between the student and Mariah and that the suspect had illegal physical contact with the student. The police did not describe exactly what type of “illegal” contact they had with the student.

Mariah previously taught at Russell High School but was most recently a teaching assistant at Russell Independent Schools.


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