Tom Bergeron addresses his doable return to dancing with the celebs

Is Tom Bergeron Return to the Ballroom Dancing With the Stars? Not so fast…

As fans may know, the 65-year-old host announced his exit from the competition series in July after 15 years on the ABC show. Bergeron’s co-host, Erin Andrews, also split from the series after joining in 2014 and it was later announced that Tyra Banks would take over as moderator of DWTS for the 29th season.

Now that the season is over – with Kaitlyn Bristowe Bergeron addresses the possibility of a return to the show, implying that fans shouldn’t get their hopes up. “When people say, ‘I won’t watch until you get back,’ I say, ‘Well, there’s really no’ until ‘here’,” Bergeron said in a recent interview with TV Guide. “This train has left the station.”

“I appreciate the feeling,” he continued. “I don’t hold it against anyone if they [watch]. “

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