TI agrees with Lil Durk: Birkin luggage are a waste of cash!

There was more and more talk of the ultra-luxurious Hermès Birkin bag on all social media, according to MTO News. Some claim that women in rap have worsened the value of the rare handbag.

Cardi B and Offset, in particular, have come out on top, claiming that Cardi and other rappers bowing their birkins add value to the wallet.

But others, like TI and Lil Durk, would rather never hear about Birkin bags again.

Durk wrote of IG: “I just got her property, she doesn’t want a Birkin.” He and his girlfriend India Royale would prefer to invest their money instead of recklessly spending it on a wallet.

I agreed and commented: “Now … THAT is more like that !!!” The King of the South, who will face Jeezy on Verzuz next month, on IG.

Where do you stand on this subject?


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