This $ 23 motivational water bottle has 11,400+ five-star reviews on Amazon

If you haven’t sold yet, this is what reviewers have to say:

“I love my new gallon-sized water bottle. If you are a parent in an active family, you know you end up hauling more than 4 bottles of water at a time and still not having enough and everyone is drinking from your bottle. Well, I have that Took big guy on a 3.5 hour kayak trip and we just needed the one bottle between us. “

“This gallon water bottle looks like a traditional water bottle but is scaled to the gallon size. It is different from my other gallon water bottle which has a handle and is shaped more like a milk jug with fading colors and streamlined handles. The plastic body also has a velvety texture that feels good. “

“This bottle is great, it is definitely bigger than I expected :). The product is very durable and leak-proof. The strap that comes with it is very convenient to carry.”

“This water bottle is cool. I’ve always been a water drinker, but I feel like this bottle helps me drink more because of the encouraging phrases on the page and how it’s segmented. Now I’m drinking to one on purpose certain point in time I also love how cute the colors are. It’s bright and happy, my kids argue with me that they want my water bottle because they love it so much and I get so many compliments for it. “

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