‘Thick’ IG Mannequin Claims Burna Boy Dishonest On Stefflon Don w / Her! (Photographs)

Jo Pearl shared two Instagram TV videos yesterday revealing the details of her relationship with Burna Boy. She said they’ve been seeing each other for two years, even after the Nigerian star dated British star Stefflon Don. It all started with a DM, she said; one to which she is said to be reluctant to react. Then they met at Burna Boys pop-up show in the UK.

“I feel like he made me feel when I met him and I felt like love at first sight. He was just attracted to me, he was very cute,” she said. She said she moved in with him in London.

Here is his GF Steff London:

Here are pics of the alleged side chick who social media labeled “fat”.


She said she found out about his relationship with Stefflon Don after an argument, but the exposure of the news didn’t end their romance.

“It was like the elephant in the room that we didn’t want to discuss and we just do things that don’t exist,” she said. “For the past two years, he has never mentioned on my face the person I see him with on social media. That person is never recognized, it’s like they don’t exist in our world.”


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