Thelma from the great occasions is 67 years previous; Nonetheless stunning !!

Bern Nadette Stanis was the secret crush of millions of boys all over the world. And even 40 years after leaving television, MTO News learned that she still looks as gorgeous as ever.

Today Bern has Nadette’s birthday – she is 67 years old.

Bern Nadette played Thelma Evans, daughter of James and Florida Evans in the hit TV series Good Times. She was known for her quick wit, humor, and extraordinary beauty.

And she still has it all. This is what she looks like now – at the age of 67.

Thelma is the middle child and only daughter of Florida and James Evans Sr. She grew up on the southwest side of Chicago on a high-rise project with her parents and brothers JJ and Michael.

Thelma met former college soccer star Keith Anderson at the beginning of season five in 1978, courted him and married him. A college athlete with a bright future, he was the NFL’s Chicago Bears of choice.

But at their wedding, Keith stumbled upon JJ, who was taking pictures of the wedding day and broke his leg. This event led Keith to develop a drinking problem. At the end of the series, in the final episode, Thelma and Keith moved to a new apartment near Lake Michigan after Keith had fully recovered from his knee and leg injuries and finally got his multi-year contract to play football for the Chicago Bears.

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