The Village Voice might be reissued in 2021 with the controversial LA Weekly Proprietor

The Village Voice is in new ownership and will be reissued next month, reports the New York Times. According to the Times, the publication was bought by Brian Calle, the current owner of LA Weekly and chief executive of Street Media. Calle plans to digitally restart The Village Voice in January 2021. Quarterly print editions will follow at the beginning of the year.

The Village Voice officially closed in 2018, almost a year after the final print edition was released. Calle acquired The Village Voice from owner Peter D. Barbey, who bought the publication from Voice Media Group in 2015. In addition to purchasing the newspaper, Calle has hired Bob Baker, a former editor of The Village Voice, as senior editor and content coordinator. Calle told the Times he hoped to get former employees back on board.

Calle’s purchase of The Village Voice comes roughly three years after it acquired LA Weekly (also from Voice Media Group) – an event that was met with great controversy. After Calle acquired the publication, nine out of 13 editorial staff at LA Weekly were laid off, boycotted, and Calle and other LA Weekly supporters were indicted by David Welch, who alleged the newspaper was badly managed. The lawsuit was settled in 2019.

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