The trailer for ‘Trial 4’ reveals Netflix Docuseries a few man wrongly convicted of homicide

Netflix just released a trailer for the upcoming documentaries Attempt 4Premiere next month on the streamer. The eight-episode series follows a man named Sean K. Ellis, who served 22 years in prison after wrongly convicted of the murder of Boston police officer John Mulligan.


Image via Netflix

Ellis was tried three times in a year before found guilty of murder when he was 19 years old in 1993. His attorneys and supporters long claimed that Ellis was the victim of a police conspiracy and was simply a convenient means of enduring the fall for a crime that corrupt Boston detectives wanted to solve quickly. (In fact, three of the detectives involved in the case were later found guilty of federal extortion, including falsifying arrest warrants and robbing suspects at gunpoint.) Ellis was released in 2015 after exculpatory evidence supporting his case’s handling known, but he still faced the possibility of a fourth trial that could potentially bring him back to prison for life for the murder of Detective Mulligan. Trial 4 involves examining Ellis’ initial conviction and preparing a possible fourth trial with interviews with Ellis himself and virtually everyone involved since 1993.

Here is the official round-up:

The eight episode documentary TRIAL 4 tells the story of Sean Ellis, a man who served 22 years in prison after he was convicted of the 1993 murder of Boston policeman John Mulligan. Although law enforcement came up with evidence linking Ellis to the murder, further investigations continued, revealing corrupt police officers, questionable witnesses and tremendous pressure within the division to resolve the case. Ellis’ story, though devastating, sheds light on current issues such as systemic racism, police corruption, and criminal justice reform, and gives hope that the people will ultimately have the power to change the system.

The series was directed by Remy Burkel and executive produced by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, the documentary filmmaker behind the controversial Netflix documentaries The stairs. Like The Staircase, Trial 4 looks like an extremely detailed look at the frustrating flaws and abuses of the judicial system. After a year of civil unrest against police violence and systemic racism, Ellis’ story feels more topical than ever. Check out the trailer below. Test 4 premiered on Netflix November 11th. For more information on Netflix, click here to watch the trailer George Clooney‘s upcoming post-apocalyptic drama The midnight sky.

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