The Tonight Present Head Author goes and hints at “Divide” over Trump Jokes


Jimmy Fallon loses his chief writer on The Tonight Show … and maybe Donald Trump’s fault?

Rebecca Drysdale, who became NBC talk show chief writer earlier this year, is leaving the company after just six months, our sister site Deadline reports. Drysdale confirmed the news on a Facebook post, stating that NBC “has made it clear that I am not a good fit for the show and I disagree. I wish it had gone differently and I could have been what they needed, but it didn’t work out that way. “

Drysdale, who has written for Key & Peele and High Maintenance, among others, cites President Donald Trump and The Tonight Show’s approach to joking about him as a reason for her departure: “I believe comedy is a powerful tool . I believe it can handle anything, no matter how uncomfortable. “But she added,” I don’t think it’s a good use of this power to make fun of this man, impress him, or make him look silly. It only adds to his. (Fallon guested Trump on the Tonight Show and playfully tousled his hair during the heat of the 2016 presidential campaign that Trump eventually won.)

From now on, Drysdale says, “I choose never to work on, write, or be involved in any other Trump sketch again. I’ve ended up in various jobs and situations over the past several years, not just on The Tonight Show, where the project of poking fun at Trump or making material about Trump has resulted in divided creative teams, anxiety, tears and pain. I cannot decide the outcome of this choice, but I can make the choice myself to choose it from my creative life. “

Earlier this week, NBC extended Fallon’s contract to host The Tonight Show beyond 2021. (Fallon has been a host since 2014.) Showrunner Gavin Purcell is stepping down and is being replaced by longtime producer Jamie Granet-Bederman.

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