The sequel trailer “The Princess Change”: Three Vanessa Hudgens in a Netflix Chrismas film ?!

The trailer for the sequel to Netflix The Princess Switch, The Princess Switch: switched again, is here. It was only a matter of time before we got the very cheerful, seasonal trailer that stars Vanessa Hudgensafter new images from the film were released in October. Hudgens has so far committed a murder in the Netflix film department, starring in the first Princess Switch film in 2018 and 2018 The knight before Christmas in 2019.

When it comes to the trailer for The Princess Switch: Switched Again there’s a lot of material to absorb here. As the title subtly (just kidding) suggests, similar heroines Stacy de Novo and Lady Margaret (both roles of Hudgens) will reunite for Margaret’s coronation ceremony. This time the twins will switch so Margaret can try to revive her failed romance with Kevin (Nick Sagar) after their remote attempts failed. And if things weren’t curvy enough, a third lookalike would be added to the mix: Lady Fiona Pembroke (also Hudgens), Margaret’s spicy cousin who is absolutely ready to take the crown for herself. Oh, and to make this sequel even more bananas, another contestant is introduced and yes, he will likely try to steal Margaret away from Nick. Love triangles! A surprise triplet! Christmas joy! The Princess Switch: Switched Again doesn’t hold back with its turns and I say: “Bring. On. The. Festive. Hijinks. “

The Princess Switch arrives on Netflix on November 19 (and a third Princess Switch movie is coming in 2021). You can check out the official trailer below. For more information, see all vacation-themed films and TV shows that appear on Netflix through December.

Here is the official recap of The Princess Switch: Switched Again:

When Duchess Margaret Montenaro unexpectedly inherits the throne and reaches a difficult point with her boyfriend Kevin, it is up to her double Princess Stacy of Belgravia to bring these star-crossed lovers back together … but the course of true love is complicated by the appearance of a handsome King, who intends to steal Margaret’s heart. Throw in the unexpected arrival of Margaret’s outrageous party girl cousin Fiona, a third likeness that has ambitions of its own, and you’ve got the recipe for triple Christmas problems!

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