The masked singer reveals: From the least thrilling to essentially the most thrilling

How are everyone tonight? Pretty boring time? Nothing going on?

While you’re killing time and waiting for nothing special, take a little trip back in time to Masked Singer. We have now seen more than 50 unmaskings in three and a half seasons, and some have definitely hit harder than others. Sometimes our reaction actually matches the suspiciously shocked faces of the audience, and sometimes all we can say is, “Who?”

To distract us, we’ve updated our ranking of all the revelations so far, from least to most exciting. Do you remember as Sarah Palin was a bear? And when Bella Thorne was a swan? Bret Michaels was once a banana too!

This show has brought us some really wild moments since it premiered in January 2019 (practically a lifetime ago), and now it’s time to take a little look back.

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