The Extremely Taiwan 2020 Recap video gave us a very laborious missed pageant season [WATCH]

Road to Ultra Taiwan 2020 ended at the beginning of this month and the round-up makes us miss the festival season more than ever.

Headline from dance music heavyweight AlessoThe lineup also included go-to festival acts Defamation, Friends Vici, and Kayzoand supporting talents, Junior, RayRay, and Pei Pei. You can see some of these in the video below – but the focus is mostly on the attendees and the ultra production.

While the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has indefinitely postponed or canceled the vast majority of US music festivals, Taiwan is one of the rare places where such major events can take place again.

Although it only takes a minute to recap, there is enough time to put us in a trance. We can’t wait to feel the sound of the main stage and the energy of the crowd around us again.

Look here.

Road to Ultra Taiwan 2020 Summary

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