The brand new Miss USA is an attractive black TRUMP SUPPORTER !!

The new Miss USA is a beautiful black beauty queen. But she comes under fire today after people learn the beauty may have been a supporter of President Trump.

Asya Daniels is from Mississippi, is a registered Republican and visited Trump’s White House to participate in talks with the president.

She even sang the national anthem at a Trump rally in Mississippi in 2018. That rally, along with many in the deep south, was full of hideous racists.

During last night’s pageant, Asya told the socially distant audience how she had attended a White House roundtable on criminal justice reform with President Donald Trump, who owned the pageant, and that she was enthusiastic about the second amendment.


She did her best to hide her support for the controversial president – whom many call a racist.

Here are some pictures of the gorgeous new beauty queen:

Here is her friend:

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