Tchami throws breathtaking excessive altitude dawn in Miami [WATCH]

Last Friday night, Tchami a show in Miami as insomnia helped bring a vision to life. Now you can relive the magic and boost our mood in one fell swoop!

The Confession Producers Elevation Sunrise Live Set takes place at the highest point of Miami, A thousand museums, on a colorfully lit platform with a picturesque view of the city. As a cloudy sunrise slowly inundates the city lights, Tchami only gains energy and tosses some of his most masterful productions into a seamless blend suitable for the sky.

It is the year of Year zero, Tchami’s debut album and one of our top 10 albums of 2020 – and the flawless tracks serve as the perfect Sunrise soundtrack. Tchami agrees with him first ZHU Collaboration, “All On Me” before working on other album favorites, “Buenos Aires”, “Praise” Gunna, “Pride” with Daecolm, “Born Again” and “Faith” with Marlena Shaw.

Plus music from Malaa & Habitat, DR. Fresh & MARTEN HØRGER, Motez and more.

Look here!

Tchami – Elevation Sunrise Live Set (Miami)

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