Sigur Rós proclaims new album Odin’s Raven Magic, Share Tune: Hear

Sigur Rós announced a new album at the end of the year. The project, entitled Odin’s Raven Magic, is an orchestral work that the band premiered at the Reykjavik Arts Festival in 2002. It will be released on December 4th via Krunk / Warner Classics. Listen to “Dvergmál” and check out the track list below.

Odin’s raven magic follows the 2013 kveikur. Kjartan Sveinsson, who left the group in 2012, arranged most of the project with Maria Huld Markan Sigfúsdóttir from amiina. The band recorded Odin’s Raven Magic with the Schola Cantorum of Reykjavík and the L’Orchestre des Laureats du Conservatoire National de Paris. The work was inspired by part of a medieval Icelandic literary work depicting an apocalyptic banquet.

Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, the band’s main collaborator on the project and ordained pagan leader, shared more about their background:

Hrafnagaldur Óðinn [Odin’s Raven Magic] has many interpretations and implications that stimulate the imagination … It is a very visual poem with imagery about falling down and a world freezing north to south. It was an apocalyptic warning. Perhaps the people of the time felt it in their skin. Iceland is now of course dealing with environmental problems related to hydropower and the destruction of the highlands. We are warned again.

Since Kveikur, the band has been involved in a number of interdisciplinary projects. Sigur Rós made music for sound baths, an art installation and a dance performance, and two new songs for the TV show Black Mirror. After a string of THC foods in 2017, this year the band put their name behind two CBD tinctures. Singer Jónsi released his new solo album Shiver in early October.

Odin’s raven magic::

01 prolog
02 all-father power
03 Dvergmal
04 Stand alive
05 The white ace
06 Where to?
07 predictions or proverbs
08 daily run

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