Sean Connery receives a touching and humorous tribute from The Rock Director Michael Bay

Hollywood mourns the death of Sir Sean Connery, with industry professionals and legions of fans emerging to pay tribute to the beloved James Bond star. Aside from the 007 franchise and Indiana Jones, one of Connery’s best-known roles is that of SAS captain John Patrick Mason in director Michael Bay’s great action thriller The Rock, with Bay now paying him a special homage.

“He was a legend. We all have a few teachers in our careers. The ones who put something special into your being. Teachers you haven’t seen in 20 years, but you still remember their wisdom like yesterday. Sean Connery was one of those for me. ”
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Sean Connery This clearly meant a lot to Bay, as the noted director had worked with the actor very early in his big screen career.

“I was young-stupid when I made my second movie, The Rock. I’d heard it was notoriously tough on directors. I was scared when I gave him my first instruction, ‘Uh, Sean, you can do it please make it less charming? ‘ He said, “Sure, boy!” ‘Boy’ was the nickname he gave me. ”

Michael Bay added that Connery was “notoriously thrifty and practical” and that he taught him “so much about acting and crafts” before telling a fun behind-the-scenes story of The stone.

“Chase: Sean drives and I’ll film him alone. He hits the brakes; my head hits the window. He says, ‘Are you okay?’ I say, “No, the Disney people are here to kick my bum because they’re two days over schedule.” Sean says with that sly look, “Shall I help you?” Cut to: Lunch with them Disney managers in a third grade classroom, sitting at tiny tables and chairs. We looked like giants. I announce that Mr. Connery would like to visit and say hello. Sean walks in and sits open-mouthed across from the executives . ”

He continued, “Classic Sean Connery style buckles up in his Scottish brogue: ‘This boy does a good job and you live in your Disney F * cking Ivory Tower and we need more fucking money !!’ Without missing a beat, they replied, “OK. How much? “He did it because he loved movies. He loved excellence and did the best he could. His work ethic was second to none, the best I’ve ever seen.”

Released in 1996, The Rock begins with a disappointed brigadier general named Frank Hummel and a group of villainous US Force Recon Marines who capture Alcatraz Island and hold all tourists hostage before threatening to fire nerve gas-filled rockets at San Francisco. Connery plays Mason, a 60-year-old Scottish national who has been incarcerated without charge for two decades and the only Alcatraz inmate to ever escape the island. In addition to Nicolas Cage as FBI special agent Dr. Stanley Goodspeed, the mismatched duo must work together to defeat the terrorists and stop the general.

While The Rock has received mixed feedback from critics, the film’s appreciation has grown significantly over the years, with one wonderful fan theory since The Rock featured an aged version of Connery’s James Bond.

Connery sadly died in his sleep on October 31st at the age of 90. This comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

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