Scream 5 administrators Radio Silence Prep New horror movie, Reunion

in the Ready or Not, Filmmaking team Radio silence tackled one of the most terrifying parts of life: meeting your partner’s strange family. And in the coming Scream Sequel (which for some reason isn’t called “5CREAM”), they tackle another: a “Back to Basics” sequel to a beloved horror movie. According to Deadline, Radio Silence now has another classic cause of fear in life in its sights: the reunion with high school. You’re going to be making a new horror film for MGM, aptly named reunion.


Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett, and Chad Villella – aka Radio Silence – will direct and produce a script for Guy Busick and R. Christopher Murphywho also wrote Ready or Not for the directing team. The story of Reunion is about a group of jaded old friends who band together for that dreaded high school reunion when they are suddenly put on the job of “saving the world” when a changing creature agrees (so it is) The end of the world meets the faculty?). Other producers are Project X Entertainment’s William Sherak, James Vanderbilt, and Paul Neinstein (Radio Silence’s Scream) and Vinson Films’ Tripp Vinson and Tara Farney (Radio Silence is ready or not).


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This film sounds like a wonderful return to form to Radio Silence and their permanent staff, and I particularly like the comedy included in that original premise which should be a welcome change, given Scream’s attitude, which is supposed to be quite brutal. The central monster, which is a shapeshifter, appeals to me as it is one of my favorite monster types The thing to Mortal Kombatand the central premise of being rooted in something that already makes us socially fearful also excited me. Next thing to speculate about, what will the cast for this sucker be? will Samara weaving destroy the main role again? Will some of the Scream cast be on board? will Kurt Russell or Keith David play the headmaster for some meta shenanigans? Or should they just hire the cast of Attack the block reunite for round 2?


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