Saweetie with out make-up: Twitter says she went from ‘Magnificence’ to ‘BASIC’ !!

Rapper Saweetie is going viral on social media this morning after new pictures of the beautiful rapper leak. MTO News received the pictures showing Saweetie without makeup.

And people all over Twitter say Saweetie looks “simple” without makeup.


MTO News introduced Saweetie in the past. She is widely recognized as the most beautiful female rapper in history. And many suggest that she should be on the list of the most beautiful women in the world.

That was BEFORE the new images leaked.

This is what it usually looks like:


And this is what she looked like yesterday when she got out without wearing a face full of makeup:


She’s still pretty. But her beauty seems much more subdued with this look.

Saweetie, real name Diamanté Quiava Valentin Harper, is a rapper. After the release of her debut single “Icy Grl” she was signed to Warner Records and the record label Artistry Worldwide of her manager Max Gousse. On March 16, 2018, she released her extended debut track High Maintenance.

Her second EP Icy was released in March 2019 and spawned the hit single “My Type”. Her debut album Pretty Bitch Music is expected to be released in 2020 and was preceded by the single “Tap In”.

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