Save Our Levels Act formally handed alongside COVID-19 Reduction Invoice

While the fact that Americans are getting just $ 600 in additional incentives under the new COVID-19 relief bill passed by Congress this week is daunting and honestly insulting, there is a silver lining that the relief bill Save Our Stages was officially adopted. also.

On Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Chairman Chuck Schumer issued a statement stating that the bill contains “$ 15 billion for live venues, independent cinemas and cultural institutions.”

This is money our live venues have desperately needed to keep up to date with the live shows for the past 9 months.

“The legislation provides crucial help to shuttered businesses by granting 45% of gross sales as of 2019 with a cap of $ 10 million per company,” the National Independent Venues Association said in a statement Monday evening after the Adoption of the law. “This grant funding ensures that beneficiaries can stay afloat until reopening by helping with expenses such as payroll and benefits, rent and mortgage, utilities, insurance, PPE and other normal and necessary business expenses.”

Amy Klobuchar estimated the bill will help the venues cover expenses for six months, which should hopefully be enough to get the industry back on its feet, especially with the vaccine here, which is already being distributed. “We are very confident that we will see more and more openings over the summer because of the vaccines as I hope that will happen with the new administration and the increased emphasis on testing,” she said. “And that more and more venues can be opened. The grants can be used to cover all major expenses the venues must pay to stay in business, including rental and mortgage utilities, employee wages, prime benefits, maintenance expenses, state and local taxes, payments to contractors, and purchases of protective equipment. “

via Rolling Stone

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