Sasha Obama Goes Viral For VULGAR ‘Hip Hop’ TikTok Video!

President Obama’s youngest daughter, Sasha Obama, is all the rage on social media, MTO News confirmed after the 19-year-old student uploaded a video rapping on texts by the City Girls.

The clip shows Sasha and a friend synchronizing with the City Girls with Moneybagg Yo’s remix “Said Sum”. Rapper JT – to whose verse the duo dances in the video – has reposted the video via Twitter and added a heart-eye emoji.

Lots of people thought the video was cool and funny. “Seeing Sasha Obama’s video on Tiktok rapping City Girls really warmed my heart,” one person tweeted.

Another user wrote, “Sasha Obama rapping City Girls is proof that 2020 can still be great.”

Donald Trump is losing his hair – WHOOPS !!

Others thought it was up to Sasha to rap vulgar rap lyrics in public.

However, one person noted that the popularity of the video would result in the clip being deleted. “You found Sasha Obama on Tik Tok on her friend’s page. Those videos are gone in 60 seconds if they aren’t already there, ”one person tweeted.

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