Royce Da 5’9 claps again at ‘Mr. 5 Mics’ Benzino !!

As always, Royce Da 5’9 speaks to her when someone disses Eminem – and Benzino is no different.

At the weekend and this week, Benzino Eminem and his fans and supporters dissed. Royce has had enough.

“I can’t wait for Benzino to come to the clubhouse,” wrote Royce. A front row seat for the most compulsory pseudo-toxic male tough talk the world has ever seen. Please clap for that hoe n * gga so he can try to move on. He was stuck in 06. Thank you … peace, peace. “

Benzino caught the wind of Royce’s Diss and clapped back:

“N * gga, it took so long to answer you, damn slave,” he wrote. “After you washed his drawers and sucked his cock Holla on me. You’re the biggest raccoon on your waist that you sell out. How are you Malcom X and Sambo Joe at the same time? I’m not Lil Pump uf * ck Boi. “

He continued, “I didn’t think it would take you so long to put on your Kkkrakka cloak. You try to look good in front of the other side, but they don’t fuck with you. Why did you never say anything about the racist tapes mepro black. The world knows your Marshal lap dog. “

He added: “@ Royceda59 you had an EM platform for so long and were still irrelevant? Still not blown? You sucked his cock for so long that you forgot you were an artist too. It wasn’t long ago you went after him so now you think n * ggas won’t go after him because of you? You are a whole psy here. “

Royce simply replied with the following message:

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