Rihanna offers followers a glance as they exit the music video – the brand new album appears actually shut

Rihanna has conquered the music world in the past and done the same with the beauty and fashion industries. The Barbadian stunner is preparing to reclaim the throne as a certified beating machine.

Fans have waited quite a while to hear new music from Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend, but their attention has always turned to other endeavors.

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It seems that she is finally ready to answer her calls with something that they didn’t see before they got off her. RiRi has taken many interesting steps lately that corroborate this idea.

For example, artist “Rude Boy” was spotted showing a lot of division when he was making a music video in Los Angeles on Thursday. At 32, Rihanna has rarely looked this good and it seems her ninth studio album is about to be released.

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Interestingly, the business mogul seems to know exactly where she wants her career to go next. It’s always good when an artist is confident about what he is making ready for the public.

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This is what she told Entertainment Tonight about her relationship with music in 2019: “I always work on music and when I’m ready to bring it out the way I feel fit, it will come out. And you won’t be disappointed if it happens. I’m not going to delete it just because people are waiting. It took so long; I will make it worth it. “

In an interview with Vogue, she also said: “I feel like I have no limits. I’ve done everything – I’ve made all the hits, I’ve tried every genre – now I’m just wide open. I can do anything I want. “

Diplo, who may be working with RiRi in the future, had this to say about her potential new album: “I think she’ll release the record when she’s really ready. But in the meantime, she’s been doing so much to Fenty, and the Fenty show was so amazing and fair that it exploded and took over the world of lingerie and makeup. She is just; I don’t think music is her priority, I think she’s doing something else that makes her great and creative. “

Diplo made the comments on Watch What Happens Live.


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