Rapper & social media star Braxton Baker lifeless at 21, potential suicide!

Rapper and social media influencer Braxton Baker has died at the age of 21, MTO News has learned

This morning Braxton’s mother confirmed the tragic news on Instagram. And while she did not reveal a cause of death, there is speculation online that the beautiful young woman may have committed suicide.

Braxton, who was born in Virginia and is known to her fans as “Brax”, first rose to fame with the release of her music project VERSE (atility) in 2017.

She quickly garnered a huge following on social media and quickly grew to over 100,000 Instagram followers. And her future was VERY bright. She was reportedly in the process of creating a fashion brand that was inspired by the work of the revolutionary Black Queer Womxn.

But she also had her demons.

Braxton was open about her past struggles with depression and revealed in a 2018 interview with SVGE Magazine that she was “in the middle of an existential crisis.”

“I’m just trying to find my light again, grab it and push it back into my soul. I’m out here to live it, find out, and fight it like my life depends on it, ”she explained.


She added, “The biggest change I had to make to reach my first level of healing was letting go of everything I thought I knew about myself. Then the depression got worse. The biggest change I’m making now is giving my life completely to God. ‘

Here are some tributes to her via Twitter:

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