Rapper Dies Dwelling Breaking; Seize your neck and grasp on the window! (Photos)

MTO News learned that an aspiring rapper and father of five was found on his neck outside a Florida house that police claim tried to ambush him. According to police, the window of the house he was about to break in fell on the back of his neck, dangling his body outside the house.

Jonathan Hernandez, 32, was attempting to raid a home in the southwestern town of Lehigh Acres, Florida when the fatal accident occurred on Saturday, the Lee County Sheriff’s Department said.

According to police, Jonathan climbed the wall of the house, opened a window and tried to climb through the house – when the window slammed on his neck.


It is believed that the force of the falling window tore the rapper’s neck and his body hung him on the side of the house.

When the local MPs arrived, Jonathan was dead. His right arm was hanging limply by his side when his head was about 5.5 feet off the floor in the window.

Jonathan was known to his friends and fans as “Taz UFO” or “UFO”, and several rap videos he sings in can be found on YouTube.

His family set up a GoFundme to pay for his funeral expenses – HERE IT IS if you want to help.


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