Presidential Debates by Donald Trump and Joe Biden: Understanding The whole lot

All of the 2020 presidential election debates are officially behind us, as are a number of town hall events. On October 22, Republican candidate President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden faced each other for the second and final time in a debate.

Trump and Biden faced each other for the first time on September 29 in a contentious and chaotic debate. The debate that followed – between Biden’s fellow campaigner, Senator Kamala Harris, and current Vice President Mike Pence – was a much more controlled affair, but it kept getting livelier for all the wrong reasons.

Trump and Biden then held dueling town halls after Trump refused to participate in a virtual debate despite concerns about his COVID-19 diagnosis. NBC’s decision to plan Trump’s City Hall across from Biden, previously announced on ABC, was criticized by a number of NBC stars, but Biden still received higher ratings.

TV Guide has put together everything you need to know about the 2020 Presidential and Vice-Presidential Debates, including how to re-watch the debates and town halls ahead of the elections.

The 2020 presidential elections will take place on Tuesday November 3rd and are already underway in some states.

Are there any other debates?

No, all presidential debates for the 2020 elections have already taken place.

How can I follow the first presidential debate again?

The first debate between President Trump, the incumbent Republican, and former Vice President Biden, the Democratic candidate, took place on Tuesday, September 29th. It can be re-viewed in the C-SPAN embedded video above.

The first Trump-Biden debate took place at Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, and lasted a little over 90 minutes. Ohio has traditionally been one of the battlefield states that has a huge impact on election results, and although polls have been tight, Trump is currently leading with likely voters in that state. Fox News’ Chris Wallace moderated the debate after being selected by the non-partisan presidential debate in early September.

Trump and Biden were interviewed on a range of six topics selected by presenter Chris Wallace, including their record of civil service, the Supreme Court, COVID-19, the economy, race and violence in US cities, and the integrity of the Elections.

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How can I follow the Vice Presidential debate again?

The second 2020 presidential election debate between Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence, who remains on the ballot alongside Trump, and Kamala Harris, who runs on Biden’s ticket, took place on Wednesday October 7th, with the C-SPAN video above.

The only debate between the VP candidates took place at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah. U.S. Today’s Washington Bureau chief Susan Page moderated the debate, and a modified format was unveiled in light of Trump’s positive COVID-19 diagnosis a few days after his debate with Biden and the subsequent diagnosis of several prominent Republicans related to Trump. Harris and Pence were kept 12 feet apart, as opposed to the 7 feet Trump and Biden kept, and they both sat at desks behind plexiglass all evening.

Harris and Pence were interviewed on a range of topics ranging from the coronavirus pandemic to the presidential disability.

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How can I follow the last presidential debate again?

After the canceled second debate between Trump and Biden, the two presidential candidates discussed one last time on Thursday, October 22nd at 9 / 8c. Kristen Welker, White House correspondent for NBC News, moderated. The debate can be re-watched in the C-SPAN video above.

The topics Welker selected for the candidates were the fight against COVID-19, American families, racing in America, climate change, national security and leadership.

How do I look again at the President’s town halls?

On October 15, Trump and Biden both hosted City Hall events after the second POTUS debate was canceled after Trump refused to enter a virtual format despite concerns about his COVID-19 diagnosis. Joe Biden’s Town Hall was broadcast on ABC and hosted by George Stephanopoulos. The event can be viewed on ABC News YouTube.

NBC City Hall with Donald Trump hosted by Savannah Guthrie can be streamed on both NBC News YouTube and Peacock. The network continued to develop the town hall, although numerous celebrities reacted to it. They signed an open letter saying the network allowed “the president’s bad behavior while undercutting the Presidential Debate Board and doing a disservice to the American public,” calling on NBC to reschedule the event.

Ahead of the VP debate, Biden appeared in a Lester Holt-hosted town hall on NBC News on October 5. Decision 2020: Joe Biden’s City Hall was held at the Pérez Art Museum Miami in Miami, Florida and featured a socially distant audience from undecided Florida voters. It can be fully viewed in the video above.

Both Trump and Biden previously had town halls hosted live on the network prior to the first presidential debate. Trump’s first City Hall was held in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, September 15 on ABC. George Stephanopoulos oversaw Trump’s Q&A with “disengaged” voters in the battlefield state. The highlights of the event are available from ABC, and a full transcript is also available from ABC. That same week, on Thursday, September 17, Joe Biden attended a separate town hall with CNN’s Anderson Cooper and a socially distant live audience in Biden’s hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania. The highlights of this event are available on CNN and the full transcript is also available on CNN.

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