Porter Robinson Reveals Alternative ‘Nurture’ Tracklist on Spotify [PLAYLIST]

Porter Robinson just shared a new way to experience his second studio album, Nourish.

Track by track, the producer presents each Nurture offer in the order in which it was made. Through which we can hear an unspoken transformation as Porter embarks on his creative journey.

Porter shares the reorganization: “I put together an alternate tracklist for maintenance as a playlist, with the songs in the order I wrote them. Perhaps if you listen, you can feel the changes over time. “

While the original Nurture order starts with “Lifelike”, the chronological tracklist starts with “Something Comforting” and changes to “Look at the Sky”, “Lifelike” and then “Get Your Wish”.

The album debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Dance / Electronic Albums chart. Additionally, 12 of the 14 tracks were chartered when the album was released on Billboard’s Hot Dance / Electronic Songs.

Hear Nurture again from a different perspective.

Porter Robinson – Nurture (Chronological Tracklist)

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