Porsha Williams talks about discovering the perfect relationship

Porsha Williams I just mentioned finding the best relationship for you. She also talked about being without someone on vacation. Check out her podcast and message below.

‘This week we’re talking about how to find the right relationship for YOU and not be sad about being baeless with @ susan.trombetti, matchmaker and CEO of @ exclusiveematchmaking.LINK IN MY BIO, during the holidays.’ Porsha has given her post a title.

One follower said, “Mama Diane,” she says, “to get you a husband someday,” and someone else wrote this: “Self-love is everything from enjoying yourself to dating and loving yourself a first and a must for me ❤️ # selflovebaby. ‘

One commenter wrote: “That’s right, Ms. Dianne … the world needs more June twins !!” and someone else wrote: “There is no way I would want some relationship advice from Porsha …”

Someone else said, “How can someone else please you if you don’t even know your own body? Great topic ????????❤️ #birthdaytwin cancer is never wrong. ‘

One follower said, “Porsha, excuse the spelling of the finger. Yes, you won’t let anyone or anyone define you for who you are, and the rest of that I wrote, thank you, darling.”

Another said, “Great topic… If more people really love / like each other, there would be less terrible relationships. An intimate relationship is meant to be an addition to the love you already have for yourself. ‘

One follower wrote: “Porsha, yes, yes, hit yourself up to disappoint yourself without a man or partner. That doesn’t mean you have to settle down because it’s the holidays or the weekend or your birthday makes you happy first before you try so hard that nothing works or start without end, but a lot of boring things pop up in between, and that’s all, or I’ll go to bed with him because he’s here, or she’s here, or that’s my child’s parents A clear mind you can work on to be clear, good luck to everyone, merry Public holidays. ‘


Today it became known that Porsha Williams shared a video on her social media account with her sister Lauren and mother Diane. Check out the video.

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