Paul Raci from Sound Of Steel talks about deaf illustration and the suppression of deaf individuals

We’re trying to say exactly what Joe tells him at the beginning: “We’re here to fix this [the mind]Not [the hearing]and there’s nothing wrong with you ‘If he fixes my roof over there, I’ll go to’ What the hell – what are you doing? ‘ He says, “Oh, I’m trying to fix …” There’s nothing to fix here. So that’s really the issue. And deaf people – you know, when I was growing up in Chicago with my mom and dad in the 1950s – they thought they were the most downtrodden people on earth. Because the hearing man had his hand in my father’s pocket. He was always betrayed by the hearing man. Today, since 1990 and beyond, deaf people have said to me, “There is nothing wrong with me. You are the one who is disabled because you don’t know my language. ‘You are very self-supporting. And they’re just almost aggressive. They want – they have to fight five times as hard as I do to get a role.

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