Oliver Heldens begins ‘OH2 Information’ with Occasion Pupils Collab [LISTEN]

Oliver Heldens“Music is the mood that we need in 2020.

The producer has just stopped working with party student, “Set Me Free” with MAXand now we just want to dance The expert mix of dance, pop, disco and future house is irresistible. With that, Heldens starts his own OH2 records Label with its first release.

He shares:

With Heldeep, I’ve always focused very much on expanding the horizon of more club-oriented sounds. Since we launched the label a little over five years ago, we’ve had so many highlights and have become a very versatile label in this area, which I’m really excited about. A case in point in 2020 was our success with Moguai & Kai Tracid’s ‘DT64’ which became a huge hit in the techno world, which I didn’t expect with the Heldeep label when I launched it in 2015.

However, I couldn’t really focus on the dance-pop side with Heldeep (with the exception of some of my own tracks) so my team and I decided to expand the Heldeep label group and start OH2 records that focus on the more melodic ones and dance pop music.

Listen here and let us know if you groove!

Oliver Heldens & Party Student ft. MAX – Free me

Photo via Rukes.com

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