New Unique Documentaries from Joe Carole Baskin’s ex-husband has been strangled and thrown throughout the gulf

Carole Baskin’s late husband, Don Lewis, was reportedly murdered on a plane in 1997 and thrown into the Gulf. Joe Exotic: Tigers, Lies & Cover-Up, a new documentary currently airing on Discovery +, describes the possible death of Lewis after years of speculation. Netflix’s Tiger King turned to everyone’s guilty pleasure as the public health crisis began, bringing Carole Baskin back into the spotlight along with her missing ex-husband.

While Carole Baskin definitely benefited from the Netflix series, it doesn’t think it was portrayed fairly. “The series presents this regardless of the truth or, in most cases, even gives me the opportunity to refute the absurd claims before it is released,” she said. “They didn’t care about the truth. The unsavory lies are better for getting audiences.” If Baskin wasn’t happy with the Netflix documentaries, she probably won’t like the new Discovery + document either.

Former Don Lewis attorney, Joe Fritz, makes some pretty extraordinary claims in Joe Exotic: Tigers, Lies & Cover-Up, which made the success of Netflix’s hit Docs series Tiger King. “I heard he was strangled with a power cord from the back seat of his plane,” says Fritz. “If someone else flies, they’ll be thrown across the gulf.” Joe Exotic made claims that Carole Baskin murdered Lewis and fed him to her tigers, which is a theory many people have shared. Fritz continues.

“I heard it from two different sources. It kind of fits the scenario because he was a pilot, owned planes, had a license, lost his license. His van is at Country Pilot Estates. It’s an unmanned airport, nobody reports you.” on, no one signs you out. It’s not uncommon for someone to take off on a plane. So it all fits together. ”

Joe Fritz goes on to claim that Don Lewis was lured onto the plane with a business opportunity. Instead, according to Fritz, he was killed and thrown off the plane in mid-flight. “He was lured up there to do a lot on a plane,” says Fritz. “He showed up. Our sheriff says there was more than one person involved. Yes, he’s right. I have no question that this was murder. The question is who did it and who was behind it?” It is still a mystery what happened to Lewis, although many believe Carole Baskin had something to do with it. It should be noted that she has vehemently denied having anything to do with his disappearance and is not currently a suspect.

Retired police officer Jim Rathmann has started his own investigation into the disappearance of Don Lewis with the help of Joe Fritz. However, he wonders whether Fritz’s theory is physically possible at all. “Is it even possible to kick someone out in flight?” Rathmann asks in the new documentation. “If you had to open that door at 120, 140 knots and try to open that door and push out someone who you would say weighs at least 150, 160 pounds, that would have been a big challenge.”

Hillsborough County’s Sheriff Chad Chronister previously announced that his team received an average of six calls a day from people claiming they had a fresh lead on Don Lewis’s disappearance. “Most of them are theories,” he said. “So far there has been no useful information, but I hope that will change.” Even so, 23 years later, there still seem to be many different stories. You can read about Joe Exotic: Tiger, Lies & Cover-up on the Investigation Discovery website.

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