‘Moon Knight’ Marvel / Disney + sequence finds its director: The acclaimed filmmaker Mohamed Diab

Moon knight come together quickly! Just one day after reporting Oscar Isaac We are circling the title role in the upcoming MCU / Disney + series and we now have the name of the director who will lead the series. The celebrated filmmaker by deadline Mohamed DiabMoon Knight, whose work played in Cannes and fascinated worldwide audiences, will direct Moon Knight. If you don’t know his name, start learning.

Moon Knight Marvel Netflix

Image via Marvel Comics

Diab, an Egyptian filmmaker, made his directorial debut with Cairo 678, a drama about government-sanctioned gender-based sexual violence in Egypt. It was released just a month before the Egyptian revolution, and many reported that the film was instrumental in the cultural change that led to that revolution. From there, Diab directed the film collision, a contribution from the Cannes Film Festival through various factions (and those unrelated to anyone) to the Egyption mass protests 2012-2013. Diab also wrote The island Franchise of Films, a series of action thrillers that are among the top grossing Egyptian and Arabic language films of all time. His next film Amira, slated for release in 2021, and he’s also slated to direct a miniseries called Sandstorm this year.

This is what I believe to be an incredible, interesting, and engaging selection of Directors for the next entry in the MCU that represents this organization’s commitment to Inclusion and Thensome. The mythology of Moon Knight includes Egyptian tombs and ghosts, and hiring an Egyptian filmmaker who has his finger on the pulse of how contemporary Egypt reckons with its past to sensitively and precisely steer this story is such a phenomenal reputation. Plus Diab’s directorial effort as she often leans into a tense real-time thriller room of political drama (think The injured locker), don’t necessarily shout “blockbuster superhero filmmaking”. Will Diab change his style for the MCU machine or will the MCU bend and shape for Diab’s earlier tones and interests? Will Moon Knight have more lust? homeland when Smallville? I’m really excited to find out – especially when we are sure that Diab will direct Isaac in the role!

For more information on Moon Knight, who is the headwriter for the series, click here.

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