Michel’le denies rumors that she was Dr. Caught Dre with a man !!

Death Row producer Kurt Kobane made several shocking allegations while sitting down for The Art of Dialogue – one of which was that Michel’le was Dr. Dre caught with a man.

The singer was in a relationship with Dre in the 1990s and has a son with the producer. But Kobane says she told Tupac Shakur that she caught the producer in bed with a man named Bruce.

The neighborhood chat spoke to Michel’le, who denied the claim. She added that Kobane’s allegations were a “lie” and that she had had several conversations with Pac. She never said she caught Dre in bed with a man. She added that she was “shocked” that someone would “make something up”.

Kobane also claimed that Halle Berry slept with Suge Knight and that Monica tried to date Tupac Shakur when she was only 15 years old. Tupac threw her off balance because she was a minor.

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