Michelle Buteau reveals what it is love to do a rom-com with Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is as violent as it appears.

Comedienne, actress and author Michelle Buteau did exactly that point on Wednesday, December 2nd, the brand new Just the Sip. While Michelle was discussing her career, which will include her upcoming essay book Survival of the Thickest, she set out to work with J. Lo on a new rom-com, Marry Me.

“Look, Jen is a king, a perfectionist, an athlete,” shared the comedian. “I don’t understand how she does it.”

As Michelle went on, she revealed that the Hustlers actress would know every line in the script.

“Because I’m dyslexic, I just remember things differently,” she continued. “And so there have been many times that I’ve achieved my goal or whatever and she says, ‘No, baby. That’s it.'”

The happiest season actress recognized Jennifer’s “dancer” mind for her ability to remember things “pretty quickly”.

The romance comedy 2021 Universal Pictures also stars Owen Wilson, Sarah Silverman, Maluma and more.

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