Melania Trump’s former BFF says Ivanka Trump is a combination of ‘silly and evil’ – evaluate her to her father!

The former BFF of Melania Trump speaks up again! Stephanie Winston Wolkoff shared even more details about the Trumps, this time revealing that Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka is just like him!

According to her, everyone in the family is taught to be “skin deep without apology,” and Ivanka is no different!

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While starring on the latest episode of The New Abnormal podcast, the Melania and Me writer spoke about the alleged rocky relationship between Donald and Melania, and also spoke out some behind the scenes about the first daughter!

In addition, Stephanie claims that all Trumps “don’t respect each other” and never show any emotion.

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She also recalled how the family allegedly spent the first few days after Donald Trump’s election victory in 2016, and mentioned what Ivanka allegedly did at the time.

Melania didn’t come to DC that week, but Ivanka stayed and Donald stayed there. Suddenly, this is the weekend, Donald signs immigration – the ban. Yes. Ivanka shows Finding Dory. Well, if you couldn’t be deaf. Children were separated from their parents. And here you show a film in which this trout fish is separated from its mother. ‘

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The former senior counselor then shared her thoughts on why Ivanka was doing this, and she held nothing back.

In her opinion it was definitely a mix of “stupid and evil” from Ivanka!

The outspoken woman also said on the podcast: “I think Ivanka’s Donald is wearing a suit, right? All trumps are taught as trumps. They don’t show any emotions. A trump is a trump because they are authentic and without excuse skin-deep and also serve themselves. And their attitude and disrespect for one another is – you have to go in to see it. ‘

For more information on what she had to say, check out the latest episode of The New Abnormal!


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