Meet the married {couples} at first sight prepared for love in Season 12

Married at first sight goes south!

On Wednesday November 25th, Lifetime confirmed that their hit reality show is coming back with a brand new season in Atlanta.

Season 12, which premieres in early 2021, promises to be the most romantic, varied and surprising as ten brave singles meet their new spouse at the altar and, at first sight, enter into a legally binding marriage.

In addition, one groom in a marriage appears to be close to their 40th birthday at first glance, while another is already divorced. These factors could provide new insights and elements for a journey that continues to create lasting relationships. In fact, three of the five couples from last season stay happily together today.

As Married at First Sight fans know, the season ends on Decision Day when couples have to answer the all-important question: do they want to stay married or get a divorce?

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