Martin Garrix unveils AREA21 debut album on the way in which

Martin garrix Just let the fans reveal a big secret – he’s releasing a self-titled studio album as a AREA21 early next year!

When the superstar producer talks about his side project AREA21, he reveals in the following interview: “… We basically made a whole album.” He also projects that the album will be released sometime in March 2021.

In addition, Garrix describes what to expect. “I play a lot of guitar, drums,” he explains, “the new stuff isn’t super electronic. It’s like Gorillaz meeting Outkast and a little daft punk. It’s very playful. “

YTRAM, another Garrix alias, recently performed with Martin Garrix and presents STMPD RCRDS Vol. 1,001. In 2020 we also have the acoustic version of “Used to Love” with Dean Lewis, “Drown” with Clinton Kane, Heard “Higher Ground” with John Martin and some remixes along the way.

Check out AREA21 information below!

AREA21 album is out in March 2021

Martin Garrix announces the Area21 album in March 2021

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