Margot Robbie shares Barbie film particulars and guarantees surprises

Welcome to the dollhouse.


In the decisions she made as both a performer and a producer, Margot Robbie is a fascinating figure in the entertainment industry. In making decisions, she always seems to cross the line between popcorn accessibility and the provocative push of a button. It is with this forked focus that made me look at the first announcement that she was making one Barbie Film not with skepticism or discouragement that “Hollywood has no more ideas”, but with promises and intrigues, with a lens of “What does super cool actress / producer Margot Robbie do with such an icon?” The more we learned about it – how to bring it on board, for example Noah Baumbach take notes next to the director Greta Gerwig – The more fascinated I got. And now that Robbie has spoken publicly about the development feature for the first time in a while, my excitement is at a Defcon Pink.

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Robbie spoke to her LuckyChap production partners Tom Ackerley and Josey McNamaraMcNamara calls Barbie her “Everest”. Robbie spoke directly with any hesitation about the lack of creative flexibility in this capacity and in the cast of himself:

“The IP, the name itself, people instantly have an idea of ​​’Oh, Margot plays Barbie, I know what this is’ but our goal is to be,’ Whatever you think we’re going to give you something completely different – the one that you didn’t know you wanted ‘… Can we really honor the IP and the fan base and surprise the people too? Because if we can do all of that and provoke a thoughtful conversation, then we really shoot at all cylinders. ”

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What is the Baumbach / Gerwig script teasing? Unfortunately, Robbie couldn’t say a word about it except this: “We can only say what you think it isn’t.”

What could this barbie movie be? Based on the filmography of Baumbach and Gerwig and the latest emancipatory themes from LuckyChap-produced films such as birds of prey, I, Tonya, and Promising young womanCould this mean a sharper, more sardonic version of the split between Barbie and her beloved Ken that, after years of gambling at others, enables Barbie to enter a highly competitive struggle for independence, feminist ideology, and an independent identity? Or is the most subversive attitude of all, just “making a pleasant, candy-coated comedy about a nice woman based on a cute doll who likes beautiful pink things with no obvious satirical subtext?” Time will tell, and I’ll be hiding in my Malibu dream home with bated breath until the time comes.


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