Mare of Easttown Episode 3 Summary: Enter number two

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Mare of Easttown, Season 1, Episode 3, “Enter Number Two.”]

The investigation continues Mare from EasttownAnd in all honesty, did I think that in my life I would ever see Oscar winner Kate Winslet pulling a perfect Columbo and asking, “Just one last thing …”? The answer is no. Of course, Columbo would never have been caught for planting drugs on her daughter-in-law … Okay, I’m here in front of me.

Erin’s autopsy not only confirms her height and weight, it also confirms that she was killed between midnight and 2 a.m. and explains why her bike was missing in the woods. Meanwhile, another attempted murder is not a mystery: Kenny’s friends track him down in the woods where he is after firing two bullets into Dylan at the end of last week’s episode, horribly covering him up. (I mean, he directly admits and everything.)

Good news, Dylan’s not dead! This is good news, at least for Dylan and his family – in fact, he can walk again. (At least that cannot be ruled out immediately this week, despite two bullets in the background.)

Really, as befits an episode on a sad HBO murder show, this episode is pretty much investigative with just a few major developments – and therefore pretty easy to disassemble. First off, by the end of last week’s episode, Frank, Mare’s ex-husband, had revealed a deeper connection with the late Erin than before. He even admits to Mare that he lied to her when he once helped Erin by buying her groceries and driving her home, although of course he makes it clear that he didn’t kill her … by saying: “I never had sex with Erin, and there was no way I killed her,” which frankly is a line of dialogue heard far too often on sad murder shows. I’m sorry Frank, we’re still watching you.

Of course, Deacon Mark really deserves our attention, who revealed last week that he had a connection with Erin. This week, not only did he talk to Mare and her partner Colin about it – he even handed in his cell phone, but did something completely innocent and not at all suspicious when he drove to a bridge and threw Erin’s pink bike into a car by River. Of course, only the omniscient eye of the show’s camera caught him (as far as we know anyway), but still, smooth pastor!

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It’s not that deep episode in terms of the plot, honestly, but searching for what happened to Erin Mare leads Colin to use his appeal with the state authorities to bring the dogs in. Specifically, they are taken to an area of ​​the forest where Erin may have been killed – which can be found there with her severed fingertip – and with the help of their own search and some “firearm canines” they are able to track down some key fragments.


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Those are honestly the main plot points of the episode as they relate to the murder, but several characters encounter key moments. Siobhan, Mare’s daughter, gets a big opponent with her band to play on a college radio station, one that was only slightly tarnished by her friend, who overdoes her food right before – but that doesn’t stop the cute radio DJ from asking Siobhan what she will eventually accept.

Siobhan is also working on a documentary film project about her brother for school, which will give us an additional insight into her brother and his life, especially the mental health problems that caused him to die by suicide. But also potentially illuminating is Mare’s interaction with Carrie, her son’s ex-partner who takes custody of Drew because she feels that Kevin hated Mare as his mother and doesn’t want her to act as Drew’s chief administrator.

Mare’s feelings about Carrie aren’t elusive, but escalate to a whole new level when she makes the poor choice of planting some heroin from Carrie’s car that was stolen from the station’s evidence room. We never see her doing any of this (although we can see she has the packets of heroin with her), but it’s also not hard to blame the boss for asking about her gun and badge. While Mare was officially taken out of the case, let’s be clear – we’ve all seen murder shows and we know that even a slightly less moral version of Columbo wouldn’t be put off by anything like that.

Mare of Easttown airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO.

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