Mandy Moore shares how her being pregnant modified throughout her third trimester

Mandy Moore deals with some not-so-pleasant pregnancy problems.

Actress This Is Us went to her Instagram story to ask a question of followers. She wrote: “Question to third trimester pregnant friends – is someone else suddenly nauseous, exhausted, and tearful? What the hell?”

She added, “I feel like everything is spinning on a dime.”

Mandy expecting her first child with front man Dawes Taylor Goldsmith, announced the couple’s pregnancy news in September with an Instagram post that read, “Baby Boy Goldsmith is coming in early 2021.”

This isn’t the first time Mandy has spoken about struggling with symptoms during her pregnancy. In November, the Silver Landings artist recalled suffering from extreme nausea early in her pregnancy.

“I couldn’t eat. I lost a bit of weight. I just stayed in bed all day,” she told SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show. “But luckily I know that this isn’t the case for everyone, that it can sometimes last for the entire pregnancy. So I’m happy that this kind of thing has subsided and that I feel a lot better now.”

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