Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal shares essentially the most troublesome facet of filming an episode

While Disney + is still a new addition to the online streaming landscape, it already has massive hit in the hands of space western series The Mandalorian. Pedro Pascal plays Din Djarin, a bounty hunter known as a Mandalorian, on the show. Djarin was modeled after Boba Fett and has vowed never to take off his helmet in front of anyone. This poses a problem for Pascal during filming, as the actor revealed that the most difficult part of his role as “Mando” is emotions while wearing the helmet.

“The biggest challenge in playing Mando in season two is still the obvious one in how to subtly convey a scene dramatically and keep character convincingly, be it through vocal intonation or physical stillness / posture, big movements, small movements because he’s frugal anyway, let alone armored from tip toe to tip of his head. It’s a physical challenge that is creatively handled when it comes to how technically you can achieve this. It will always be especially unique to this one Respect. ”
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Pedro Pascal first came to the fore with a major role in Game of Thrones. The actor portrayed Oberyn Martell, a charismatic king who spoke just as quickly with his speech as he did with his weapons, whose battle with Gregor Clegane became one of the most famous scenes in the series. It was a challenge for Pascal to play a man like Mando in a few words, and he credits his work in the theater for preparing for the assignment.

“I’m not even sure if I wouldn’t make it if I didn’t have that much stage experience to understand how to set yourself up. How to physically frame yourself in something and make a story with a gesture, with an attitude or with a very, very specific intonation. ”

While Pascal is technically the star of The Mandalorian, the show’s true breakout character is, of course, the adorable alien kid who fans dubbed Baby Yoda and who recently went by the actual name “Grogu”. While fans can’t get enough of Grogu, Pascal found another cast member on the set of the show’s second season as a much more intriguing object, namely the writer and comedian Amy Sedaris, who plays the gruff Tatooine mechanic Peli Motto.

“I followed Amy Sedaris like a puppy. [I was] like ‘Hey again. I won’t leave your side until you wrap yourself up. And she says: cool. I love the kid – it’s really adorable – and it’s so fascinating to see how it works, but someone who lets you spit right into your helmet will always be my favorite thing. ”

Created by Jon Favreau, Mandalorian stars Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano, Carl Weathers and Giancarlo Esposito. New episodes appear on Disney + on Fridays. This news first appeared on Entertainment Tonight.

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